Darl caverm chat room

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Before heading further into the cave, turn around and swipe the Axeman's boots from the chest behind you.

When you're ready, hack your way through the three hostile Drowners that scurry about near the water's edge, deeper into the cavern.

In a different screen, there is an option to buy blobs for cash – we will cover that in more details in the next paragraphs.

The game navigation is well designed and it makes it easy for users to see where the store is.

When your chat is over, you find yourself back outside, near a small cave opening - the last known whereabouts of Keira's elf friend.

For example, the description for “a powerful new gun” should be: reloads 25% faster and kills monsters in a wider range.The one thing missing from a user stand point is a clear indication of the value.Like in real life, users would want to know how will the product change their lives, and what does it do exactly.So presence would have to be faked somehow while at the same time presence updates from other entities might not be of importance that much. No presences = we use IQ for creating instant rooms.The proposed protocol is mostly a subset of XEP-0045 with minor deviations. Setting a configuration for non-existing room equals creating a room. Configuration options list should be strongly limited.

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