Dating an affectionate man

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As of late, I really started to notice that we were starting to act more like best friends than lovers. We get along perfectly as roommates, but that’s all I have been feeling like we are: roommates/buddies.He said this is the way he is and that he is not changing. I gave him plenty of chances to talk about how I was feeling and fix things. He now wants me back saying that he could be the way I need him to be.He also didn’t do flowers, believing they were a waste of money because they, you know, were already DEAD. I’m realistic about the fact that we don’t get everything we need in a relationship – but some things are non-negotiable. I think you need to figure out if you can weigh up this guy’s positive points, accept that he may never have it in him to give you what you need, and decide if you can get your head around it. Some people, much as we like or love them, just aren’t a good fit for us and moving on will be easier now than after years spent hoping he might change into the guy you wish he was.Freelance journo, blogger, self-appointed advice-giver and co-author of Get Lucky.

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If you want to be happy with someone then your body and mind have to instinctively adapt to their happiness.

Is there anything more I can do to bring it out in him? One ex in particular was the poster boy for being unromantic and unaffectionate.

I’m frustrated, I care about him, but I’m hurting myself over not getting my needs met. Presents were always appliances, and he reminded me on special occasions that he ‘didn’t do’ cards.

I am in a similar situation, and im slowly beginning to realize that things will never change.

Listen women: if there’s one thing you’d like it’s a man that’s romantic and passionate.

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