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Not a fan The businessman has a history of going tit for tat with American comedian and TV host Rosie O’Donnell, famously calling her “a slob“.

op quiz: You pull a chicken from the fridge to fix for dinner and notice that yesterday was the “Sell By” date. Throw it away because not many emergency rooms offer a stomach pumping family plan. It is a convenience offered to store owners by food manufacturers.

Arbaaz Khan and Malaika Arora's divorce became a much talked about affair as the two went on a rollercoaster ride before they finally parted ways.

The two remained in the news more for their personal life than anything professional.

minimum to kill the salmonella; serve with a pungent sauce to mask any residual fowl odor. The truth is that “C” would be correct if not for that word “regulations.” Except for infant formula and some baby foods, product dating is not required by federal regulations.

You and the supermarket have complied with FDA regulations requiring that this chicken be sold before the date on the label. Refuse to answer on the grounds that obviously this is some kind of a trick question. This is a trick question and what better way to introduce an article on confusing dates than with a confusing pop quiz!

[37] Nevertheless he that standeth stedfast in his heart, having no necessity, but hath power over his own will, and hath so decreed in his heart that he will keep his virgin, doeth well.

Professionally, Rayna’s record label, Highway 65, has an uncertain future.

Deacon is supposed to be running it, but he might not be up to it.

Since the beginning of this season, Rayna has relied on tech entrepreneur Zach Wells to invest in the label and make important decisions about its direction.

And she left an album of duets with Deacon almost but not quite completed.

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