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Some of the men showed up unannounced at the ex-girlfriend's house, expecting a date with the woman.

The former police officer was charged with one hundred and ninety-seven counts, including stalking, computer tampering and harassment.

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I was recently told that my vote for Gary Johnson would be a waste. People have been told that third-party candidates are wastes of ballot space for a long time.In her book, “The Perils of Cyber-Dating,” released in September, Spira aims to inform dating site users — particularly women — of the many “red flags” of online dating.There are a lot of risks, Spira said, who claims that misrepresentation is a common problem.Under the proposed legislation: Currently there are no U. federal laws that enforce any of these proposals, but both Florida and Nevada have legal ramifications imposed upon sex offenders who use the Internet.Although the Senate is to debate the proposal soon, several issues have arisen - most notably one stated by Bill Ashworth, the Director of State Government Affairs at Yahoo!

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