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The Alternative In-House Technology Summit is a free-to-attend, invitation-only event for General Counsel, Heads of Legal and Heads of Legal Operations.

Attendance includes: - the full conference programme on 7 and 8 February - drinks reception, evening dinner and after-dinner speaker - hotel accommodation at NO cost on 7 February Unlike other event organisers, we will NOT: You get great content, fantastic networking and an overnight stay to enable you to attend the evening dinner at NO COST.

It is worth noting that I use the Tight VNC client and server on 4 different computers, connected via a wireless home network.

As a purchaser, we know you’re responsible for getting the best value while controlling costs.March is a perfect time to gather requirements for your DAM project and to get stakeholder buy-in.Take a collaborative approach when tackling a large project such as a new DAM system. With hundreds of vendors filling the market, just starting this process can be daunting. Today, you can do both at the same time, saving time and money without sacrificing quality – even improving it in some cases! It’s no longer necessary to do one before the other.

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