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A new town called Ave Maria, Florida and a golf course, built on an additional 5,000 acres in a venture with area land developer, the Barron Collier Companies.

The new town will promote “traditional family values” and although Catholic centered will open to people of all faiths, there may be some surprising restrictions on what town stores may sell, reflecting Monaghan’s conservative religious beliefs.

As we talked, he mentioned that he should write an article about the Catholic on-line dating scene. First off, I really appreciate David for starting the conversation on dating in the Catholic world.

Several months later, as I heard of more and more of my friends using these websites, I sent him a message on Facebook asking him if he would, in fact, write something for Restless Pilgrim. This is a topic that is badly (or evilly) covered in the secular media and barely touched in the Catholic media.

A wider search pool It makes sense to start your dating attempts meeting people off-line.

However, unless you are successful, you eventually run out of new people to meet at your church and it’s really hard to meet good Catholics at places other than church. The nice part of Catholic Match is that most of the people on the site are Catholics and they have specific profile questions to ask how Catholic people are.

How could someone doubt or dismiss that teaching, while having no problem with the trickier concepts of the Immaculate Conception and Papal Infallibility?

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I paid for a six month membership when I signed up, but met my husband on Catholic Match within two weeks of being on, so you never know how long you'll need it, but I can't say that I regret the cost - my husband was more than worth it.

Thomas Monaghan, 70 years old, founder of Domino's Pizza and former owner of the Detroit Tigers sports team says the 0 million first phase of the campus plans to be centered around the "Oratory of Ave Maria," a 10-story high steel and stone clad church with aluminum and glass arches, and will include the nation's largest crucifix in stained glass with a 60 foot high bleeding Jesus. Officials originally said the church would be the largest fixed-seating Catholic church in the nation, but that has now been revised with room for only 1,100, down from the original plans for 3,333 to 3,500 worshipers. The university campus, built in the "prairie style" of simple lines made famous by architect Frank Lloyd Wright, includes a gymnasium seating 2,500, a science, math and technology center, a library and a student activities center.

An original completion date of Summer 2006 was delayed one year, with students attending first classes in the fall semester of 2007.

Okay, I promise at some point I will write a funny, light-hearted post! I am a social and political commentator at heart, so you will be getting a lot of ticked off, incredulous posts if you read this blog! )Suffice to say, I have some familiarity with two of the Catholic online dating services, Ave Maria Singles and Catholic Match. I think in general the sites have been wonderfully successful in helping Catholics find spouses.

But for some reason I am just ticked off and incredulous about things these days, ha ha!! For years I have heard that CM has more socially "normal" men utilizing their site, but that the CM men dissent from Church teaching in far greater numbers than the men on AMS. My first thought was: "Why the heck does this guy even stay Catholic?

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