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Njolstad, 55, is charged with a series of child-sex crimes, including invitation to sexual touching, sexual interference, possession and production of child porn, voyeurism and sexually assaulting a female under the age of 12 while making child porn.Ottawa police said the alleged crimes against two young girls happened on Aug. Njolstad appeared via video at the Elgin Street courthouse on Saturday morning.The authorization means police can now obtain arrest warrants from a judge or magistrate.A clerk in 54B District Court in East Lansing said that will not happen Monday.An 24-year-old man faces three felony sex charges lodged by town police, who said in an arrest warrant that he raped a "physically helpless" woman in April.The warrant on which Matthew Spencer Mizell, 24, who lives on Holt Road, was arrested Tuesday accused him of second-degree forcible rape and two counts of second-degree forcible sex offense.

The child-sex case has devastated the families of the alleged victims and left some neighbours cringing.

The charges stem from an incident on April 5, the warrant stated.

The charges did not specify why the woman was deemed to be helpless.

When these movies do show sex it is always in service of the story, and always in order to challenge, subvert, or celebrate contemporary beliefs about sexuality.

Undeniably sexy and amusing at once, Woody Allen’s 2008 Spain-set dramedy delights in pushing its various players into all sorts of romantic permutations and configurations.

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