Technorati not updating posts

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Can you try doing a wipe of your cache and cookies?

And try uploading another image, just a standard image from google.

Now in the edit profile pic section I tried to upload the file then hit the save changes tab to end up with a (file invalid) result.

Hey there, What is the message that you receive when the image fails to upload?

If you are using online Self Service Update Portal (SSUP) for updation, you can update your Demographic details (Name, Address, Do B, Gender, Mobile & Email).

Thanks, Natalie Ok I down sized the jpeg file in microsoft paint to 98x54 pixel at 4.62 KB.

Give us a few days to iron out some kinks and we should be on our way.

Kevin You need to resize your image first, then can try uploading it again.

Sorry guys, we don't allow pictures of naked men as avatars... Or at least, that's what the initial thread was about. Thread was originally from 2013, so just want to be sure.

Forgot that we were talking about profile pictures.

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