Validating date c

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Is there a way to stop people filling in date fields manually?since there is a calendar, there not only is no need for manual entry but it also avoids input error.. either to validate both the calendar date & manual entry (entered in dd/mm/yyyy) Or to prevent users from typing inside the date field (& use the calendar!

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Functions can be reused, and they can make the logic simpler.

You can determine whether or not the data fails validation by monitoring for the Type Validation Completed event.

Masked Text Box will only perform the check against The following code example attempts to parse the user's input as a valid Date Time.

This section contains information related to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services' (CMS) data validation of the Part C and Part D reporting requirements.

Organizations contracted to offer Medicare Part C and Part D benefits are required to report data to CMS on a variety of measures.

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